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Ischigualasto Provincial Park

The formations of six layers of the entire Triassic period, from early to late (200–250 Ma), are best preserved here. In archaeological excavations, the remains of the most ancient known dinosaurs of the planet are found. There are also traces of human activity of the past millennia. Absolutely unreal landscapes, it is necessary to see. This place is becoming more and more known to the general public under a different name - Valle de la Luna ("Valley of the Moon"), but this is only one of Ischigualasto's hits.
To visit Ischigualasto Park, it is recommended to choose not the earliest time in order to return closer to sunset.
Excursions are carried out on cars and minibuses of the visitors themselves or tour operators independent of the administration of the reserve, they start every hour and each caravan is accompanied by one of the official guides of the reserve; route about 40 km, 5 stops, duration 3 hours.

How to get there:
1) Arriving there by car. If you arrive at lunchtime, you can immediately move around the reserve. Or spend the night in the town of Villa San Agustin, and in the morning go on an excursion from there (80 km). In the morning you can go to the top of Cerro Morado, and in the afternoon you can already go to Ischigualasto.
2) Get by bus to Villa San Agustin on your own, and then book an excursion to the Ischigualasto nature reserve. Departure from the San Juan bus station 3 times a day, 7:30 (on Sunday this flight is canceled), at 14 and at 19:15. From San Agustin to San Juan: at 3:30 (except Sun), at 2 and at 17. Travel time is about 4 hours, the bus company Vallecito
3) Order a one-day excursion to San Juan (330 km), from there and back they will be delivered by the tour operator's collective transport.
4) Order a two-day excursion to San Juan or La Rioja (270 km), with a visit to the Talampaya and Ischigualasto reserves. I had exactly this option (from San Juan)

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