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Iguazu National Park in Argentina

There are three main routes in the park - the Lower, the Upper and the farthest - the Devil's Throat. It is best to start the inspection from the Lower Circle. To do this, you just need to go down the stairs and walkways down and walk among the waterfalls from one observation deck to another. Such a walk along the Lower Circle takes an average of an hour and a half. Neat and comfortable platforms are made along the waterfalls. Everything is arranged very competently - as if you fall under waterfalls and walk between them, from one to another. The waterfalls look impressive from below, but from above they can be viewed mainly at an angle, of course, something is lost from this. The beauty of the lower circle is also that here you can see many small waterfalls and cascades, and from an excellent angle, that is, to consider such details that are inaccessible from above. In addition, you walk in the shade without suffering from the heat, and in sunny weather, rainbows play everywhere in this kingdom of water. From here you can take boats to San Martin Island and explore it properly.


Of the waterfalls of the lower circle, it is especially worth highlighting the Bossetti waterfall (El Salto Bossetti), falling from above with a solid snow-white wall. It is named after the naturalist and explorer of this area, Carlos Bossetti. Don't miss the cute waterfall "Two Sisters" (El Salto Dos Hermanas), named after the two daughters of the governor of the province of Misiones. Each of the cascades and waterfalls has its own name, as a rule, in honor of the governors of this territory or famous people, one way or another connected with the waterfalls. The main attraction of the park is the majestic complex of waterfalls under the loud name "Devil's Throat", which can also be reached by ecological train. Further, the road goes along the bridges in the middle of the Iguazu River, replete with representatives of the local fauna. On the way, you can see a lot of herons, jays, turtles and an incredible number of colorful exotic butterflies that are not at all afraid of people and calmly sit on tourists. Behind these pleasant activities, the road to the Devil's Throat passes unnoticed, and now a rumble is heard and a pillar of water dust is visible. The walkways will lead you to the very beginning of the largest Iguazu Falls! Powerful, grandiose, incredible - all these epithets do not convey even a hundredth of the impressions from what he saw with his own eyes!

Having successfully examined the Lower Circle, you can go to the Upper Route, a walk along which will take one and a half to two hours. The advantage of the Upper route: from above you can thoroughly see how waterfalls and cascades are formed on the difference of surfaces, from this height you will be able to feel their splashes, feel all the strength and power of the water in the immediate vicinity. The downside is that many waterfalls can only be viewed from the side, as a result of which the whole picture is lost. The most advantageous panorama from above is two waterfalls with the loud name "Adam and Eve".
The rightful owners of the park can be safely called coati, who roam everywhere there, waving their long striped tails, arranging funny rides to beg food from tourists. It is officially forbidden to feed them, but it is absolutely impossible to resist the temptation. It is worth remembering that these are wild animals, and you need to feed them very carefully. In addition to noses, other animals live in the park - capuchin monkeys, agouti animals, anteaters and even jaguars. However, it is extremely difficult and unlikely to see these representatives of the fauna.

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